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Living, thinking… Laj.

A little about me: 

My friends all call me Laj, so that’s what I’ll go by one here.  I love sports, I’d like to think I’m a fun guy, and I’d say I’m pretty knowledgable as well.  My own quote to live by is: If you think Laj, you will live Laj

I grew up in Ocean Township, New Jersey… Which is close to the Jersey Shore, although I am nothing like the goons you see on TV.

I earned my BS degree at the University of South Carolina in Accounting and Risk Management/Insurance.

My favorite hobbies are: watching NFL football, fantasy sports, playing basketball, working out, watching primetime TV.


I will be mostly blogging about sports, especially football, so if that’s your taste too, read some of my stuff and let me know what you think.

– Laj